How to use twitter meta tags to boost your SEO rankings?

Most of you who are reading this would have heard a lot about Twitter. But, how many of you know that using Twitter meta tags can help in boosting your SEO rankings. When you usually share your blog or website on Twitter, it is just displayed as a link. But, if you use the Twitter meta tags, it is displayed as Twitter cards. This can effectively drive traffic to you website or blog.

The different types of card depends on the type of content and the requirement. You can learn more about in this article. (What are twitter cards and how to create them)

But, lets first see what are the essential Twitter meta tags.

Twitter meta tags

1. twitter:title

This should be a concise title of the content in the page. A maximum of 70 characters are allowed.

2. twitter:description

This should be a summary of the content on the page. A maximum of 200 characters are allowed. You should not re-use the title as the description or use this field to describe the general services provided by the website.

3. twitter:image

This should be a image that represents the content of the page. The image could be in jpeg, png, webp or gif formats. In case of gif, only the first frame is used. However, svg format is not supported.

4. twitter:card

It decides which type of card to be displayed on Twitter. The different cards are Summary Card, Summary Card with Large Image, App Card, Player Card. If this tag is not provided, it uses Summary Card as default.

If you use the above meta tags, your content will be be displayed as Twitter Cards when its shared. You can learn more about in this article. (What are twitter cards and how to create them)

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