Polygon clipper in Flutter

In this tutorial, you will learn how to implement a polygon clipper. After finishing this tutorial you will know how to clip a widget into polygons with sides > 3. The implementation is quite simple as there is already a package available in Dart Pub called polygon_clipper . We just need to install the package and customize its attributes.


The first step is to add the package polygon_clipper to pubspec.yaml as shown below.


Import the package at the top of the dart file.


This is the source coding showing how to create a polygon clipper. The attributes which we can customize are:

  1. sides - The number of sides of the polygon.
  2. borderRadius - To smoothen the pointy edges. You can change the value to improve the aesthetics or accordance with the general theme you follow for the app.
  3. rotate - You can specify the angle of rotation in degrees. For example, we have rotated the polygon 90 degress in the source code given above
  4. boxShadows - You can also customize the box shadow to change the perceived elevation of the card.

Hope you guys try this in your next UI. Good Luck!